Clear, solid, written, well thought out and cascaded vision, objectives and priorities gives an organization a strong advantage. It gives “Pulling Power”… Clarity is achieved when you know where we are in relationship to where you want to go. The gap between the two is where Focus must be applied.
There is a gap that must be crossed between current conditions and the ultimate vision. Focus is achieved when the critical success factors needed to propel us across the gap are identified and understood. In other words, we are able to identify the main things (the HLAs / High Leverage Activities) that must be done to propel you across the gap and achieve the vision.
Clarity and Focus provide your plan of “what” and “how”, but when it’s time to get things done, it’s all about actually “doing” it. This might sound simple, maybe even overly so, and yet  so many don’t have a proven ‘Accountability Strategy’ that ensures real Execution. Do you? We have the proven answers!