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About Tony Jeary

magazine_coverWho is Tony Jeary?

Tony is not just a speaker, although he speaks to tens of thousands each year.  He’s not just a coach, although he coaches many of the world’s top performers.  He’s not just a strategic facilitator, although this is his sweet spot.  

What Tony does best is help his clients get real results, often in just one day.

For over 30 years Tony has studied and worked alongside many of the best performing organizations and individuals. He has cataloged, organized, tested and proven out best practices that create superior results faster.

Very few people in the world have read as many books as Tony has, and he has summarized the content for his select clients. Very few have seen, much less worked in, 40 countries like he has. In his 20’s he built, bought, owned and operated over 30 companies and joint ventures, making AND losing millions. He understands and has lived coming from behind as well as winning big.

At an early age, Tony’s father demonstrated and taught him to win friends, do favors and serve people.  This created a powerful Rolodex. Today his contacts, clients and friends equal some 20,000 from around the globe.  He facilitates introductions that are often life changing. He places people on strategic boards and opens up new channels of opportunity for his clients, and can advance a person’s career 20 years, sometimes with a single phone call or email.

tony_with_standeeTony is prolific and has trained millions. He has published over 75 books (some best sellers and some specifically as giveaways to his clients to help them both personally and professionally).  In the 90’s, Tony helped turn around Chrysler and invested a decade of his life running a tier two training and consulting firm supporting 8 of the world’s largest agencies, such as BBDO, Bozell, Omnicom, Imagination (from London), Maritz Performance, Carlson Learning, etc. During this time he created or co-created literally hundreds of training courses from virtually every discipline and every industry.  Even more unique is that he has organized, sorted, and scanned these courses onto his computers and houses them in the library of his success facility, which includes the RESULTS Center where he works and brings special value to his top performing clients.

People fly in from around the globe just to meet with Tony and his special team for often just a day, because in a single day he transforms people’s thinking, clarifies visions, synergizes teams, shares trends, and shows people “Blind Spots” of things they’re overlooking – all to accelerate their results.

Tony has two professional areas of expertise into which his proprietary processes, software and books are divided:  Presentation Mastery™ and Strategic Clarity. He helps people see, get clear on, and organize and document their vision and objectives in record time, which often saves them weeks and months of time.  From his expertise and knowledge, he trains and teaches strategic presentation effectiveness to help clients get real results and accomplish their vision and objectives. They often see marked improvement in closing more business, attracting better opportunities, and holding more effective meetings or calls of any kind (individual, conference, and web based), as well as training and coaching others to successful outcomes.

Tony has earned a reputation as a special guy who dramatically inspires, encourages and facilitates focused results for his customers.  See his hundreds of referral letters and testimonials validating the facts as well as the dozens of endorsements from many of the world’s top experts and elite organizations.


Tony’s high-energy style, combined with unparalleled optimism, engages the audience like no other.   He delivers both solid value and entertainment carefully customized to the event.

Teacher—Excellence in Action

Demand for Tony’s dynamic style in coaching and speaking is propelled by his compelling desire to provide value to his readers, audience members and clients.

Author—High-Value Content

As a published author of over 75 books, Tony has established himself as one of the top strategic experts in the world today. His best-selling book, Strategic Acceleration-Succeed at the Speed of Life, is described by many as a must read for every associate. Further, his book, Life is a Series of Presentations was endorsed by Daymond John on Shark Tank.

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Tony and Kevin
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Business Motto

Give Value … Do More Than Is Expected.


Today he walks the talk and practices distinctions that lead to success in both his personal and professional lives. He is blessed with a terrific marriage of 30+ years, two great daughters with whom he has co-authored books, and two sons-in-law. He lives and works with top performers from his world-renowned think tank in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.