Let’s discuss impacting your culture...

Culture (Vibe) Changing Webinars

Change Your Culture

Group Of Businesspeople In Video ConferenceMost organizations struggle with weekly meetings and poor email standards resulting in too many meetings and too many emails costing valuable time. These are two of many subjects Tony has strong expertise on and has developed a simple 90 min offering that can save thousands of non productive hours for an organization and greatly impact results.

For over 30 years, we’ve worked with over 1,000 clients, and with today’s speed of life, results are dramatically being hurt because of people operating in overwhelm. We’ve identified 10 core subjects, such as email effectiveness, meeting mastery, and delegation that can be uniquely taught in a 45-60 minute webinar that will dramatically impact a culture and often save two hours a week per person for an entire organization. That’s huge ROI and huge ROE (return on energy). Let’s discuss impacting your culture.

14 Webinar Topics Include:

  1. Engagement
  2. Working as a High Performing Team
  3. Your Professional Brand
  4. Leadership Effectiveness
  5. Presentation Mastery™
  6. Email Effectiveness
  7. Meeting Mastery
  8. Time Management
  9. Influence
  10. High Leverage Activities (HLAs)
  11. Improving Employee Morale & Engagement
  12. Leading through Change
  13. Succession Planning
  14. Selling to the C Suite
“We had been working on our strategic plan for a long time. The tools Tony has developed, in my opinion, give you a leg up. Don’t get me wrong-there are no short cuts. But in two days, he accomplished more than we could have ever done on our own! He really kept us on task. There were no wasted minutes. We walked away with tools we needed to go to the next step. I’ve spent a lot of time with consultants. They usually go in and look at the situation, tell you what you need to change, and then leave. Tony is not like that. I got the feeling that he was vested, all the way from the pre-work through the follow-up, which says a lot about his integrity."
- David C. Cook, Cook Publishing