Game-changing Opportunities

Closing Big Deals

Business hanshakeWow People with Effectiveness

Big deals, sometimes even company game-changing opportunities, are often mishandled on the preparation side. We work with clients to strategically prepare and utilize proven best practices that wow people with effectiveness, influence, and results. Once an opportunity is in play and a presentation strategy is needed, we are uniquely positioned to utilize our team, assets, and facility for strategic team alignment, message creation, and mock presentations with our mock board room facility.

Utilizing our proven and strategic 10-step process, we will help you answer all the big questions and prepare you to win like you’ve never prepared before. Most people get busy with activity and don’t step back to get really clear on their objectives and goals and dissect all the parts that go into consideration for getting the desired results.

In this 10-step process, you will accomplish the following:

  • Develop STRATEGIC clarity on the opportunity and the objectives
  • Determine who are all the external players, their roles, and their individual desired outcomes (if applicable)
  • Decide on all the internal players needed to pool together the right expertise to win and what their roles will be
  • Uncover the steps or components from start to finish to end in success
  • Create an outline and/or a plan for executing
  • Determine the tools needed to execute
  • Brainstorm the tough questions you will need to be prepared to answer and have answers
  • Evaluate what are other influencers or people of influence you can partner with to increase the chances of success
  • Prepare for as many “what if’s” as possible so you won’t get derailed
  • Conduct a debrief of the process 

We will partner together with you to ensure millions are not left on the table and see that you give yourself the best possible opportunity to end in success.

"Tony Jeary’s methods are the most critical and final step in assuring maximum success in any organization, be it the largest corporation or even your household. Without utilizing his methodology, even the best strategy will be sub-optimized!"
- Mike Gade, Chief Marketing Officer, 7-Eleven