What We Offer

Establishing a Collaborative Partnership

Tony Jeary has worked with companies and organizations around the globe, covering a vast array of industries, and coaching many of the world’s top CEOs and executive leadership teams.  He advises a variety of people, including many Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs on the Forbes’ 400 Richest List, to other high-achieving individuals and organizations.

This 30+ years of experience has allowed him to compile an unparalleled arsenal of best practices as well as analyze how the best of the best think and operate to reach the highest levels of success both professionally and personally.  He has a hand selected team around him, who form Tony Jeary International and together they enter into a limited number of collaborative engagements to accelerate client results.

Expected Client Results

  • Shifts in Thinking at all Levels of an Organization
  • Operational Mastery
  • Increased Profits
  • Advancing the Achievement of Predetermined Critical Success Factors
  • Accelerated Growth
  • Increased Value of the Organization

Our Uniqueness

  • Tony Jeary presence and personal energy impact your culture (See our book Vibe on the subject)
  • Proven methodology of both: Strategic Acceleration™ and Presentation Mastery™
  • Credibility and leverage of the Tony Jeary brand
  • Tony’s vast connections/relationships
  • Total commitment to continually improving processes and tools for achieving results in timeframes believed to be impossible.
Specific  Areas of Focus offered by TJI


Reviewing resultsAt the RESULTS Center, TJI’s world-renowned think tank, located just 7 minutes from the DFW airport and Alliance FBO, we have perfected a unique ability to utilize “Live Note Capture.”  Combine this with 30+ years of disciplined and organized business acumen to build a solid business strategy, and the result is our clients compress 3 days of meetings into a single day. The client receives:

  • Defined and Clear Visions
  • Focused Objectives
  • Synergized Leadership Teams
  • Simple, User-Friendly Formats using Tony’s Proprietary Processes and Templates ready for both Cascading to Entire Organizations and Keeping Teams Accountable to Execution

Note: The RESULTS Center can become available to your organization with a “Collaborative Engagement” – which means you and your team can utilize it for a specialized strategy session like Peer Groups:  During these strategy sessions we quickly uncover or develop benchmarked best practices from selected stakeholders.  These are documented and positioned for better decision making which advances transfer of things that work to the entire organization.


Annual Meetings, Tradeshows, User Conferences, Strategic Launch Parties, and many other events are a major investment for organizations and few truly are strategic to the level they could be to insure returns are maximized at all three stages of any event;

  • Prep/invites/communication prior to the show stage
  • The actual event, booth show time, break out and presentations
  • Follow up

TJI has participated, advised, organized, promoted, emceed and managed events… in fact hundreds of events around the globe, working independently for and with some of the largest agencies on the planet as a tier 2 supplier. This experience puts Tony in a unique position to bring powerful strategic value to virtually any size event. (The largest to date as example was a 28 day meeting with a budget well over $25 million). He know the tricks, what to avoid and how to really maximize budget spent, so each and every event has both strong ROI and ROE (Return on Efforts).


Training and organizational development should have a seat at the board level. So many look at it as an expense that can be whittled away in tight times, failing to understand the strategic implications. Tony Jeary is the only person in the world who has teamed up with and co-authored with the president of the largest training org. in the world; ASTD (American Society of Training and Development). Tony teamed up specifically to build a book called “Presenting Learning” that spells out both authors’ passion for training. During the 90s Tony polished his training expertise he shares today with offices in Asia, California, Michigan and Texas designing, developing and delivering over hundreds of major training initiatives, in every major language and in over 30 countries. Today Tony continues to leverage this expertise in a variety of areas for TJI clients, including:

A. Strategic Acceleration™ Language, Concepts and Methodology:  We impact cultures! We bring our core methodology of clarity, focus and execution to our clients and forever change the thinking, intentionality and strategic pace of the organization we partner with.

B. Presentation Mastery™ : Based on Tony’s best-selling book, Life is a Series of Presentations, 15 of his other published books on the subject and our proprietary software we:

  • Positively impact new business opportunities through increasing closing ratios and aligning with all major sales processes
  • Strategically align brand with marketing efforts for more congruency therefore linking sales departments and marketing departments so they work together at the highest levels

C. Web Trainings: TJI offers compressed 45-60 minute customized training based on specific needs. We have a series of current hot topics that directly affect operational effectiveness and leverage TJI’s proven methodologies.  We upgrade your team’s level of operational effectiveness, synergy, and skill sets utilizing our unique web training format. With the use of pre-determined co-facilitators, we explore multiple topics and have interactive conversations that are customized and relevant for each group.  Topics include:

  • Time Effectiveness
  • Presentation and Employee Engagement
  • Working as a High Performing Team
  • Brand
  • Leadership Effectiveness
  • Presentation Mastery™
  • Email Effectiveness
  • Meeting Mastery
  • Influence
  • High Leverage Activities (HLAs) Focus
  • Leading through Change
  • Succession Planning
  • Negotiation Mastery

D. Tradeshow Preparation and Training: Often companies invest big dollars in tradeshow participation to get product and/or service awareness out to customers. Our experience shows that most organizations don’t strategically plan to really maximize tradeshow opportunities.  Our 23 point process ensures you have a clear vision of what you want your outcomes to be and are prepared for three stages of a tradeshow process mentioned previously – invites/communication prior to the show, the actual event, booth show time, break out presentations and follow-up after the show.  Through custom training and tools, we assist in the creation of unique and inspiring differentiated outcomes.

E. Leadership Effectiveness Training: Effective leadership is what moves the ship. Large or small the ship sails based on its leadership effectiveness. Understanding solid principles of leadership effectiveness, coupled with having the right tools and processes for executing, can yield exponential results in growth. We utilize our “Leadership 25”, the proven qualities/characteristics that have risen to the top from Tony coaching the worlds top leaders for two and a half decades. We train to a proven formula.

F. Closing Big Business/Deals Training: We have a 10 step system that is easy to understand, easy to absorb and powerfully effective, allowing you to bring in the big deals, entire accounts and/or the “whales”.

G. Meeting and Email Effectiveness Training:  Meetings and email affect culture, morale, efficiency, execution and of course results! We literally wrote the book on this subject. One book, covering both topics, will allow you to have powerful and proven standards for both. When these practices are adopted they will often save 60 mins a day per leader.  That’s impact!

H. Executive Assistant Effectiveness: We have been training executive and team assistants for over a decade and have developed 50 specific areas of best practices that will ensure time savings and freed up capacity for leadership and executive management.


Three Focus areas:

  • CEO/President
  • Executive
  • Leadership

In Person or Phone Coaching for selected candidates

We set up as a full or half day anchor session per leader and then we follow up with 1 to 2, 30-60 minute web conference “Accelerator Sessions” per month. This enables TJI to coach the CEO as well as act as an extension of the President/CEO to uncover roadblocks and serve up accelerators to ensure clarity, focus, and execution of the selected candidates’ responsibilities, initiatives and focus areas.


We have resources that impact!

A. Books:  From an early age, Tony became a life-long learner through books. He’s taken that passion and authored  over 75 titles, many best sellers and most focused on the subject of getting results faster.

In addition to Tony’s books, Tony coaches, supports or is friends with many of the most powerful authors in the world and brings these relationship to the table for his clients.

B. Courses:  Based on content from Tony’s books, as well as the most popular subjects of organizational performance, we have them organized and ready to deploy.

C. 3-D Outline™ Presentation Preparation Software: This tool is the most raved-about tool we have ever  developed.   This is a three-dimensional concept of preparing for all types of presentations that set up to strategically achieve objectives utilizing the big three: 1. What 2. Why 3. How

With the 3-D Outline™ as part of your culture, you will immediately see better preparation, stronger outcomes, energized people, presentation time efficiency, the “whys” are defined and clear and all stakeholders are better positioned to win.

D. Personality Profiling: Tony co-authored a power book on the topic, has been teaching it for years and brings this powerful yet simple methodology to organizations in a way that few can. Tony will enhance team synergy, impact relationships and unlock organizational potential using this often overlooked lever.


Connections decrease costs and increase margins by introducing proven partners. Putting strategic partnerships together through TJI connections has created and/or saved our clients  millions of dollars and shaved months and even years off vision to reality time frames.  We find the right opportunities to marry the right connections together to create accelerated wins. We have thousands of relationships.

We have invested years working with many special vendors who understand our processes and value of speed, and who can execute quickly, efficiently, and economically for virtually all third-party needs (to include printing, event needs, graphic design, branding, web, etc.).  We have relationships and methods in place that we easily transfer to reduce project completion times, save valuable time sourcing and leverage our volume pricing.