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Strategic Business Planning

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For 30+ years, Tony has accelerated some of the most respected companies, unique high achievers and effective organizations the world over. Because of his extensive experience, Tony has realized that busy executives and their teams often need to go offsite to synergize their team and crystallize their direction.

Using our proven proprietary process, you will gain clarity of what your vision is/should be, determine the focus on High Leverage Activities (HLAs), and of course build a plan for taking action, or execution. To meet this need, Tony has created the RESULTS Center, a world-renowned think tank (conveniently located just minutes away from Dallas’ public and private airports).

The RESULTS Center in its stimulating, unique setting, combines the latest media technology with a library containing a lifetime’s worth of systems, processes and best practices.

Whether preparing and rehearsing for a speech or developing an accelerated business strategy, an experience with Tony in his studio will be an experience to remember, and one that accelerates RESULTS immediately! 

“You helped CDS gain significant clarity in defining the firm’s objectives and vision for the future. In the corporate world it often takes weeks and months to formulate a plan. It was amazing to watch you keep our senior management team focused and driven to turn out the best results during our personal one-day strategic planning session.”
- Heidi Vaughn, Director of Marketing, Collegiate Development Services