Others Say It Best...


Strategic Facilitation Testimonials


“You exceeded my level of expectations, we got to exercise a team dynamic that we normally don’t get to exercise, and we built a much more powerful team.  I see us being the envy of the industry and a company that others want to emulate.  This is a great first step in getting this going in that direction.”

MIKE GOREY | Bridgestone Firestone Building Products



Tony’s work has been very successful in helping us evaluate the general status of Hillwood in exploring our branding matrix, performance standards, competition evaluation, developing team synergy. The sessions proved invaluable in making our company leaders objectively evaluate the company, and in establishing goals for better performance.

RUSSELL LAUGHLIN | Hillwood Properties, A Ross Perot Company



“That was a GREAT meeting. I have not had so much $/minute value ever! Great ideas, great contacts and great action items.”

CARSON CONANT | EVP, Nightingale Conant



“You are obviously very dedicated to your work and not just as an occupation through which you can earn a living but as an avocation – something that calls you to utilize your skills and abilities to make other people’s lives better – almost like a ministry of sorts.”

PAT JANNAUSCH | Con-way Transportation



“Thank you for your leadership at the TEREX ConExpo Training. This is our largest trade show in North America.  Our associates with Freeman introduced us to you and your team.  You helped us clarify our objectives and lead us through a process which quickly and efficiently produced a workable structure for the training, a set of deliverables to work against and clear roles and responsibilities among the team.  You quickly developed an understanding of our organization and its challenges and responded with helpful suggestions on how we could accomplish our goals.  You kept us on track.   Post event surveys were above 8 on a scale of 10 and I think it is safe to say we could not have achieved these results without your leadership and the efforts of your team.”

KEVIN JANCO | Sr. Director of Marketing, TEREX



“Thanks for doing such a terrific job in leading, inspiring and challenging all of us at the Mitsubishi Electric Distributor Conference this past week.  I had several of our distributors tell me that they would be going back home to implement the training that you shared with us during that time.  Thanks for challenging all of us into moving from good-to-great-to-Mastery!”

JOHN WRIGHT | Mitsubishi


Strategic Business Planning Testimonials


“Tony has been quite useful to me and my team. Thinking through all aspects of our strategic planning has been quite helpful moving from strategic to tactical execution…Tony represents fresh energy many organizations do not have on their staff. All things remain at rest until energy is applied, and Tony will transfer his energy to you and your team.“

RAY GREER | former CEO, Greatwide Trucking



“We had been working on our strategic plan for a long time. The tools Tony has developed, in my opinion, give you a leg up. Don’t get me wrong-there are no short cuts. But in two days, he accomplished more than we could have ever done on our own! He really kept us on task. There were no wasted minutes. We walked away with tools we needed to go to the next step.  I’ve spent a lot of time with consultants. They usually go in and look at the situation, tell you what you need to change, and then leave. Tony is not like that. I got the feeling that he was vested, all the way from the pre-work through the follow-up, which says a lot about his integrity.

Cris Doornbos | CEO, David C. Cook



“I want to thank you for your contributions to SOURCECORP as we have grown from a start-up to a $400 million public company. Your involvement has been invaluable in clarifying key issues, building consensus and developing action plans. I believe one reason you are so effective is the fact that you are always very prepared. You do your homework ahead of time, are always prepared, connect to the audience in a relevant manner, and are flexible enough to address new issues that develop. I also recognize the contributions from your team, which allows you to focus all of your time on your highest value added.




“What a Day! In fact what a week of work in one day! You bring all new meaning to efficiency and effectiveness. You and your team operate in Tech Time by using technology to find quality solutions.”

JOEL BARKER | Futurist and Author of The New Business of Paradigms



“Whew! I thought we did a lot in a little time. I had very high expectations and you met them all. In addition, we learned some very key insights, tools and techniques that will save us both time and money.”

TOM MCGEHEEFounder, Wildworks Group


Strategic Success Coaching Testimonials


I am not only impressed with your coaching skills, but more importantly your genuine commitment to supporting your clients and building a true partnership.”

TOM GRIMM | Former President & CEO, SAM’s Club



“Tony has always been excellent at helping top leaders develop their communication skills and their personal brands.”

TONY BINGHAM | President & CEO, The American Society for Training & Development



“Whether you are in sales or the CEO of a billion dollar corporation, let Tony Jeary be your personal coach.”

MARK VICTOR HANSEN | Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul



“In my experience, it is not often someone promises to meet and exceed my expectations and then actually does so!  I can’t think of anything much more important in the business world than using presentation and communication skills and strategies to persuade others to take action, and simply said: Tony Jeary is a master at giving people the skills, tools and confidence to do just that! My team was gushing with praise about the day they spent with Tony and many stated things like “(that is the best training session in my 20 years of professional life.)”  Tony truly does give value and does more than is expected!”

MIKE ARCANGELO | Sanofi Pasteur



“Tony Jeary’s methods are the most critical and final step in assuring maximum success in any organization, be it the largest corporation or even your household.  Without utilizing his methodology, even the best strategy will be sub-optimized!”

MIKE GADE | Chief Marketing Officer, 7-Eleven