Communication Mastery

Strategic Acceleration produces clarity and focus about things that need to be said. Communication Mastery provides the methodology and the means by which those things can be said. The result of Communication Mastery is growth, enhancement of perceived value in the marketplace and sustainable methodologies that yield highly productive cultures characterized by accomplishment. 

As Strategic Acceleration becomes a reality, communication skills and abilities are elevated at every level. They are raised not by the training of individual presentation and speaking skills, but by the presence of a system that produces clarity and focus and the ability to execute. When people have clarity, focus and execution they are confident. When they have tools and processes that facilitate their communication objectives they become better communicators. When a system of communication is established, the ability of the team is elevated. A rising tide raises all boats and that is the effect of Communication Mastery. 

Organizations are actually living things composed of people whose success depends on their collective ability to express the common values, focused objectives and proven practices that will yield dynamic growth and sustained success. When people within an organization communicate, their goal must be to do so at a level that produces measurable impact. Some are able to communicate more effectively and powerfully than others and have greater impact. Tony Jeary presents Communication Mastery as a system capable of lifting everyone to higher levels of impact. As entire organizations elevate their communication standards, their impact on people improves from Basic to Mastery over time. The greater the impact, the more profound the results. This concept is graphically depicted with the “Impact Curve Graphic.” 

So, what is the effect of Communication Mastery? Four things always appear: 

  1. There is a dramatic improvement in internal and external communication
  2. The perceived value of the organization in the marketplace is enhanced
  3. The enterprise begins to grow at an accelerated rate
  4. The practices become ingrained in the culture and an organization thrives