Strategic Acceleration

Strategic Acceleration is a leadership methodology developed by Tony Jeary that combines awareness, operational practices, and powerful informational resources  designed to produce Strategic Speed, and superior results within time frames that exceed traditional expectations.

Strategic Acceleration is also a leadership mindset that approaches old issues in new ways.  Empowered by proven tools and processes, the Strategic Acceleration mindset transforms old practices into new initiatives of excellence that produce unprecedented results.  Strategic Acceleration is capable of solving even the most difficult challenges through clarity and focus concerning the hardest of facts.  The Strategic Acceleration Mindset is driven and supported by one simple concept: “Always Give value, Do more than is Expected!”

Strategic Acceleration begins with awareness.  To have clarity, there must be an understanding of the issues.  People must understand that leadership is about getting results and that results depend on execution. Strategic Acceleration allows these truths to become a part of the organizational belief window (how people perceive everything).  Elevating awareness concerning the strategic issues of speed and results is the catalyst for Strategic Acceleration.

When awareness has been achieved the next issue engages operational practices as they relate to communication.  These practices touch every area of an organization: how leaders communicate to their employees, how peers communicate with each other, how the Business Development Team communicates with customers, and how the value of the enterprise is perceived by the world.  There is no strategy or objective that does not rely upon effective organizational practices to produce success.  Strategic Acceleration produces the tools, processes and practices needed to generate this kind of business capability.

The final piece of Strategic Acceleration is an information arsenal that is accessible by all who need to use it.  It is the sum of the intellectual capital of the enterprise in every operational business segment.  It is organized through cutting edge technology and placed at the fingertips of the people who need to use it.  It is a repository of best practices and wisdom from a wide variety of sources – all organized in a way that it may be captured and deployed.  This asset is a powerful strategic resource that comes together in a dynamic tactical tool known as The Strategic Acceleration Studio.