Strategic Success Coaching


trategic Success Coaching is for the very top producers, corporate executives, or successful entrepreneurs who really want to take a strategic approach to designing a more successful life (aligning values, goal setting, efficiency, etc.).

The contrast between an outsider and the insider reflects a basic truth: The closer we get to something, the less clearly we see it—we all have “blind spots.”  As the old saying goes, “It’s lonely at the top,” and that’s why Success Coaching is a very useful resource for people who carry the weight of responsibility for the entire organization.

Tony has had the opportunity to work with many professionals (CEOs, presidents, attorneys, CPAs, consultants, sales professionals, speakers, professional athletes and celebrities) from around the world. While he’s teaching, he’s learning and also documenting and building his business acumen and his business resources library.  His experience, combined with his resources, staff and distinctly organized facility, puts him in a unique position to personally coach people to a higher level.

Tony and his team can help you in the following areas:

  • Define your goals, objectives and vision for the future
  • Accelerate your profitable opportunities
  • Build your brand
  • Make powerful and paradigm shifting presentations
  • Personal and business organization and efficiency
  • Sales and persuasive skills
  • Master time so you and your people get faster results
  • Grow your leadership abilities
  • Authorship and publishing
  • Build your network of contacts and opportunities
  • Publicity and promotion


“I am not only impressed with your coaching skills, but more importantly your genuine commitment to supporting your clients and building a true partnership.”
– Tom Grimm, former President & CEO, SAM’s Club

“Tony has always been excellent at helping top leaders develop their communication skills and their personal brands.”
– Tony Bingham, President & CEO, The American Society for Training & Development

“Whether you are in sales or the CEO of a billion dollar corporation, let Tony Jeary be your personal coach.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

“In just one day. Tony completely redesigned my entire business look—from my logo to all of my bid folder inserts. I must admit, I was shocked at what he accomplished in one day, but I was also amazed at the high caliber of the look and the value of the wording in the documents. I have had so many comments on my new business image, and I had never had comments previously.  I am confident this has been the reason behind the increase in the number of sales I have experienced since my day with Tony. In my operation, each new sale typically generates two more, so this increase in sales alone has been massive.”
– Mike Briscoe, Owner, Classic Roof Systems

“In my experience, it is not often someone promises to meet and exceed my expectations and then actually does so!  I can’t think of anything much more important in the business world than using presentation and communication skills and strategies to persuade others to take action, and simply said, Tony Jeary is a master at giving people the skills, tools and confidence to do just that! My team was gushing with praise about the day they spent with Tony and many stated things like “{that is the best training session in my 20 years of professional life.}”  Tony truly does give value and does more than is expected!”
– Mike Arcangelo, Sanofi Pasteur

“Tony Jeary’s methods are the most critical and final step in assuring maximum success in any organization, be it the largest corporation or even your household.  Without utilizing his methodology, even the best strategy will be sub-optimized!”
– Mike Gade, Chief Marketing Officer, 7-Eleven