What You Can Expect

Here are the significant benefits you can expect from experiencing Tony:

Preparation – Tony and his team extensively prepare beforehand by studying your materials, brochures, company website, videos, organizational charts, history, background – anything you can provide to help understand who you are as a person, as an organization, and/or as a company.

Proven Processes – Tony has developed dozens of effective proprietary processes over the years that he can deploy as needed to help get the results you want, whether it’s his unique MOLO analysis, Branding Matrix™, Marketing Audit, or “One Pager” tables of checklists.

Library (Resource Arsenal) – Tony has spent twenty years gathering, reading, and studying the very best books, tapes, and videos on all business-related topics. Over the last ten years, he has summarized hundreds of these books into a condensed two-page format for fast, easy digestion. The book recaps contained in his library offer extensive and fresh content that contains some of the best improvement principles, ideas and concepts in the world. He has amassed over 900 binders of various projects he has consulted on during the last 20 years. His library is cataloged and organized for ease of use for his clients. When you want to benchmark and do it quickly, imagine the great ideas he can bring to you in just minutes, pulling from over 1,000 clients and thousands of projects that he has documented into his business library.

Facilities – Tony has built a one-of-a-kind Strategic Acceleration Studio on his estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, designed specifically for success coaching, presentation development and strategy sessions. It can be set as a mock stage, a mock boardroom or into a meeting environment where LCD projection is simultaneously projected and documented.

State-of-the-art equipment – To support your sessions, Tony uses the most sophisticated equipment available – from stage lighting to LCD machines, speaker phones to high-tech computers, props, and much, much more.


Success Acceleration Studio

Fun – Your coaching experience will be inspiring, with a fresh flow of humor stimulated by Tony’s famous “dollar bill” giveaways. If you have not yet heard about this attention-getter, ask us!

Memorable experience – Tony has a track record of creating memorable experiences that change peoples’ (habits and) lives forever. Each customized session with Tony can be a “turning-point experience” for you and/or your organization.

On-the-spot, real-time benchmarking – Tony works with highly successful people and organizations, resulting in the ability to provide examples of best practices that have proven to be successful and can be adapted to your individual needs.

Time efficient, period! – Tony practices, to the benefit of his clients, the principles in his book, Gaining 100 Extra Minutes a Day. Clients are consistently impressed with his commitment and discipline to maximize every minute of the time they are with him.

Enthusiasm – Tony pours a seemingly endless source of energy and enthusiasm into each assignment. This is validated time and again as evidenced by thousands of testimonials from satisfied clients.