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To Twit or Not to Twit

In recent weeks I have been absolutely overwhelmed by friends and associates telling me I need to be involved in Twitter and FaceBook and countless other internet sites that supposedly contribute to marketing success. They reportedly present boundless benefits for those who master the subtle…

Relationship Value to Results

The Relationship of Value to Results

When I was a kid, my dad taught me the most important business principle of my life: “Give value: do more than is expected!” For individuals and businesses to realize their vision and truly succeed, this principle should drive all thought processes. It is the…


Strategic Acceleration at the Speed of Life

The speed of life is a global condition that presents a strategic challenge for everyone. The speed of life combines excessive amounts of unrefined information with a glut of choices and opportunities and presents itself in the form of confusion and distraction! How well we…


Clarity, Focus, Execution

In today’s ultra-competitive world, getting superior results faster is absolutely critical to success! So many want it! However, this hectic speed of life makes it easy to become side-tracked by things that steal priority and make us less effective. People are hungry for ways to…


How to Survive a Recession

The secret to surviving a recession is opportunity recognition. The first step in opportunity recognition is to know and believe that there will always be opportunity for those who seek and pursue it. Regardless of how bad the economy may seem, people still buy and…